Sublimating to Aluminum. It can’t get any easier.

Sublimation thermometer.

Temperature and Time for Aluminum:

355 – 365 degrees fahrenheit (179 to 185 celsius) from 50 to 80 seconds. For darker colors and larger size pieces, increase the time and temperature. Use light to medium press pressure. Average settings are about 350 degrees fahrenheit (176 celsius) for 60 seconds for most of our aluminum.

Getting Set Up:

Always put a transfer sheet on bottom. Any cheap printer paper will work. Lay the photo facing up. If required add a transfer sheet on top, image facing down onto the grey aluminum side. Clean the blank with Isopropyl alcohol before use. The white side of the aluminum blank goes face down on the transfer sheet. Use any cheap printer paper on top covering the item. Pre-pressing for 5 seconds may be necessary to remove moisture from the transfer if you live in a humid area or if the metal is cold. Press for 60 seconds. To prevent ghosting quickly remove the paper from the blank. Use gloves to prevent burns to your hands.