PolyCoat for Hard Surfaces

Sublimation coating for hard surfaces

PolyCoat for Hard Surfaces

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PolyCoat is a 2 part resin catalyst to be brushed, dipped or sprayed to any substrate that you want to heat a sublimation image to. Simply mix according to the provided directions and let dry. Place into a conventional oven, toaster oven or within 1″ of the heat press platten for 5 – 10 minutes to cure and you are now ready to apply the image to the substrate. PolyCoat comes complete with instructions. Easy to use with a slow dry time to allow for plenty of time to work the PolyCoat. PolyCoat is both durable and dishwasher safe.


4 oz. Bottle, 1 Pint Bottle, 1 Quart Bottle, 1 Gallon Bottle, 5 Gallon Bottle


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