Epson  Sublimation Ink Cartridges

Sublimation Cartridges

Sublimation bottle sets for Epson printers.

Sublimation Sets.

Sublimation ink, individual bottles.

Sublimation Ink.

Nitrochrome is a UV resistant Premium quality sublimation ink.

After years of testing inks from many suppliers we have found the best. These inks are bright and vibrant and will print using the stock Epson drivers with no additional costly ICC profiles to confuse you. This is especially important for new customers desiring to successfully sublimate and get bogged down with challenging extras that simply give you nothing but headaches in return. We believe that simplicity is king and we want you to be successful. Nitrochrome is also formulated with anticoagulants so that the nozzles will not plug. There is nothing more frustrating than coming back to the office on Monday and you start printing your sublimation projects and your first print out has banding. That’s time and money lost. We have tested Nitrochrome by allowing it to sit for up to 1 month in the printer and doing a test print and get a perfect nozzle test every time.


We fill all our cartridges and use only refillable cartridges. All desktop printer refillable cartridges come with ARC chip technology so the chip will allow for unlimited resets thereby allowing you to refill your cartridges until your printer moves to it celestial happy hunting grounds and then you simply use the cartridges in the next printer, providing it is the correct model. The cartridges must be used together as a complete set. Mix and match using other cartridges will not work.