Sublimation Ink Cartridges

Sublimation Ink cartridges

Sublimation Ink Cartridges

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Sublimation refillable ink cartridges filled with high quality sublimation inks.

Please see the cartridge quantities for Desktop and Wide Format printers below.


Nitrochrome sublimation ink cartridges for desk top printers.

Epson dye sub cartridges

Epson dye sub cartridges

Sublimation refillable ink cartridges filled with highest quality Nitrochrome sublimation inks.

Our cartridges use the latest technology ARC chips that allow you to refill your cartridges an unlimited amount of times.

Nitrochrome Sublimation inks have enhanced UV performance, enhanced vibrancy and depth, accurate colors from cartridge to cartridge and are extremely user friendly. We are proud to offer you the best there is in a an industry that has had a lot of questions about quality and complexity. That is now all gone and we are here to deliver to you the finest sublimation ink the industry has to offer.

Our inks and cartridges are very user friendly. When you purchase our sublimation ink cartridges you will get photo illustrated simple instructions. Simply prime, install and start printing. It’s that easy.

Refilling is also very easy and with most Epson printer models can be done right in the printer.

When you purchase the pre-filled refillable sublimation cartridges for your Desktop Printer you will get between 12 to 15 ml. of ink per cartridge depending on printer model.
You will also receive instructions, filling syringe and needle.

Epson wide format sublimation cartridges.

Epson wide format sublimation cartridges.

Epson Wide Format sublimation cartridges.

When you purchase Epson Wide Format sublimation cartridges you will get refillable cartridges and the ink in 4 oz. bottles that you will pour through the provided funnel into the cartridges and a chip resetter so that you can keep reusing the cartridges.

When you purchase the refillable cartridges and inks for the Wide Format Printer you will receive 8 oz refillable cartridges with a funnel, a chip resetter and 1 x 4 oz. bottle of each ink color for your model printer.

Our friendly helpful staff is here to help you with any questions you might have.

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