PolyFog for Fabrics

Polyfog for cotton or blended fabric.

PolyFog for Fabrics

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Polyfog for fabrics.

Polyfog is a ready to use, no dilution liquid that is sprayed directly to the fabric to create a polyester base in the fabric so that sublimation ink can adhere to the shirt.


Extremely easy to use.¬†Using an inexpensive ($5.00 or less) plastic spray bottle available at any grocery or hardware store, fill with the Polyfog spray and apply to the cotton or blended shirt. Allow the polyfog to completely dry. Place the sublimation paper to the sprayed area and press as you normally would to a polyester shirt. If the image is pale, faded or simply lacks the intensity desired then simply spray more into the next shirt. If you use to much you will develop a hand in the fabric. Try to find the perfect balance between a strong hand, versus weak colors. If you take 1 shirt and cut it into 4″ x 4″ squares and use these pieces for testers you will be able to develop the perfect amount for optimal outcomes. Bottle sizes come in 4 oz. pint, quart, gallons and 5 gallons.


4 oz. PolyFog, 1 Pint PolyFog, 1 Quart PolyFog, 1 Gallon PolyFog, 5 Gallons PolyFog