Nitro Printer Cleaner

Nitro Print Head Cleaner for cleaning plugged print heads.

Nitro Printer Cleaner

From: $19.95

Its what the pros use.
Purges, cleans and restores dirty print heads.
Keep some around. It’s cheap insurance if you do serious printing.

You don’t go to sleep without a smoke detector, then why would you print without Nitro Print Head Cleaner.


Sublimation printerNitro Printer Cleaner is a powerful surfinidal chemical that breaks down the cement like ink deposits that accumulate around the Inkjet printer nozzles. The deposition of these microscope particles eventually seal off the nozzles that produce banding.

Nitro Printer Cleaner will soften and dissolve these deposits and will allow the printer to print beautiful images again.

Nitro Printer Cleaner is also well suited for purging the print head lines as well as the head itself allowing you to switch from one ink to another.

Nitro Print Head Cleaner is designed to work with dyes, pigments, high resinous pigments, IE. Epson Ultrachrome, food grade caketop publishing inks and sublimation inks. This is not a cheap import but manufactured by the same company that Epson purchases their cleaner from.

It can be used in a host of different ways. Apply to the printers capping (docking) station until moistened without flooding the station and return the head back to the capping station and let it sit 24 hours. It can also be injected into an ink cartridge and doing 1 – 2 cleaning cycles a per 24 hour time period recover dirty nozzles.

For severe cases where printers have sat for months of years, simple run again 1 – 2 cleaning cycles and then simply let the printer sit for 1 week and in 95% of these scenarios the printer will work great again.


4 oz. Bottle, 1 Pint Bottle, 1 Quart Bottle, 1 Gallon Bottle, 5 Gallons